floor is my friend


I was talking to this bloke about a book, don't really remember which book he wanted and maybe that's why I've never been employee of the month, anyway, I was talking to him and he said his name was Courtney.

Compared to 'Courtney', I think Caradoc is actually a pretty butch name. My Mum and Dad call me Doc and I thought that was totally embarrassing until I met Courtney. He says he has a brother named Prudence. Looking back on it, he was probably just messing with my head.

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shifty eyes


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Alright then. Why are are all these Muggleborn children going missing? I have a guess as to who could possibly be behind this. Just a (BRILLIANT) guess though.

(I'll give you a hint, he thinks he's like Jesus, has more apostles than the J-man, and his name rhymes with Shmoldeport.)

That's really just not cool.
you've got balls on your face

testing 1 2 3, can anybody hear me?



But just barely thanks to a group of a-holes who decided that they didn't like me or my (half blooded) kid sister hanging around their turf at Diagon Alley.

A. Holes. The lot of them.

You know who you are. Next time the ice cream cone's going down your trousers, NOT MINE.
freak out!

a little bit of random

I saw a boy with a green and silver tie push a girl with a scarlet and gold tie this morning. She fell right down the stairs. Well. Ok. So there were only five stairs to left to fall down, but still. I had to take her to the hospital wing.

She said he called her...that word. You know the one. She looked really upset, not to mention she bumped her noggin kind of hard from the fall.

The point of this story is that noggin-bumping and name calling should be left to children still in primary school, not to thirteen-year-olds. Also, all you green-and-silver-tie-wearing kids (and some not wearing those colours) ought to think before you speak before something worse happens than a girl falling down five steps.